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SOS button

SOS button is ideal especially for seniors or handicapped. After a press of its button it can send an emergency message with GPS coordinates on preselected phone numbers or 24/7 monitoring desk that will provide assistance.

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Four reasons why to choose a
SOS button

  • mobile notifications
    or 24/7 monitor desk

  • SOS signal includes

  • assistance service 24/7

  • battery life
    up to 10 days

SOS button

SOS button is waterproof, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is possible to wear the SOS keychain as a necklace. We are the exclusive provider of a 24/7 monitor desk that can send an emergency service that can provide first aid and which has the keys from the front door. As well as that, you can arrange geofencing for your device – you will be notified when the device leaves a certain area. Accurate GPS coordinates are being send to the REX Online map portal.

We help to save lives

SOS button with REX GPS assisted in life threatening situations. Example of that can be found in the city of Šternberk, where, thanks to our device, a senior called help for herself after she experienced a heart attack. More information about this case on Šternberské listy.

Stationary SOS button

For customers, that do not seek the exact location, we present our lightweight and waterproof REX IoT SOS button that sends alarms as notifications to your mobile phone (via SMS or notifications) or to our 24/7 monitor desk that can provide medical assistance if needed. Battery life up to 10 years, the device is perfectly waterproof, thus can be used or placed in wet places, such as bathrooms.

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SOS button

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