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The logbook is a report of every cars’ movement for business use. It can be required by tax office. Logbook records the date, beginning and the end of the journey and mileage of the car. The electronic logbook automatically records all of this data, which brings big-time savings compared to the filling of the paper log book.

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Why choose electronic logbook?

  • Automatic logbook
    for the tax office

  • No more
    paper log books

  • Ride purpose

  • Positions every
    30 seconds

  • Easy

Special features

You can also install special features such as driver identification (with chips) or install ride purpose switch (business/private) and identify the purpose of ride directly in logbook reports.

access and availability

The logbook is accessible through a web interface in the computer or from a cellular phone (iOS, Android) with your username and password, which you get after order.

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