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GPS bicycle security

REXbike is a complex GPS system that provides security for bicycles to prevent theft and provide assistance if an accident occurs (bike eCall). Thanks to the GPS sensor, you can also see the current position of the bike or the history of previous journeys.

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Simple and complex

REXbike has been designed to be inconspicuous, light, and easy to operate. REXbike features a motion sensor and GPS tracking technology, which allows you to see the movement of your bike on the map.

All EU covered

REXbike security and safety service is available in all of EU for a single monthly fee. So it doesn’t matter which country you are from or where do you plan to go on holidays. All EU is covered. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying for the months that you don’t use your bike, like in the winter.

Technical details

REXbike is controlled through the application on a smartphone with Android and iOS. The charging is via Mini USB port, and the battery lasts up to 14 days in security mode and up ten days in ride mode. The device is water resistant – protected against splashing water.

Security mode

If you park your bike in front of a pub you just activate the security function through an application on your smartphone. Now, if anybody starts to move your bike, you will immediately get an alert on your smartphone. In the application or on your computer, you can see the actual position of your bike and history of positions.

Assistance if an accident occurs

A biker is riding downhill in an isolated forest, but unfortunately, he has an accident and loses consciousness. REXbike recognizes sudden movement interruption and sends checking alert on his mobile. Biker is not answering. REXbike reports a possible accident with the location on the map to emergency contacts. A rescue operation is done, and the biker is saved.

GPS record of routes

REXbike records movement of the bike to map. It is possible to check out tracks on mobile phone or computer. Statistics like speed, average speed, or altitude are available. It is also possible to export records to favourite apps.

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GPS bicycle security

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