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Flat security

When you choose flat security, it depends on requirements and disposition of flat. The first option is simple but high-quality security with independent detectors, which communicate via the internet of things networks. The second option is a complex home alarm system with smart home function – REXhome. Both options will protect you not only against burglars but also against fire or water and gas leakage.

Independent detectors Complex home alarm

Independent detectors

A broad product range of independent detectors is available (motion detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors, water leakage) with long battery life (up to 10 years). Alerts are sent directly to your mobile phone via the internet of things networks (devices don’t need a SIM card or Wi-Fi).

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A home alarm and smart home

REXhome smartly links security and home automation. Unlike old blind burglar alarms, REXhome features a video verification. Thanks to this function, it sends a sequence of pictures only with the intruder. Furthermore, you can control anything you can imagine from heating, air conditioning, lighting or window shutters.

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