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Modes of operation

GPS locator REXlink Battery can be set up in multiple ways according to customer needs and specific use case.

Regular position reporting

Battery life depends on how often the unit reports its position. The customer has the option to change the interval by himself in his REX map portal login. The options and approximate battery life is specified below:

1 location report per 12 hours = up to 12 months

1 location report per 6 hours = up to 6 months

1 location report per 3 hours = up to 3 months

1 location report per 1 hour = up to 1 month

Movement alert

It is also possible to set up locator to sent an alert with the start of the movement. This set-up is ideal for long term standing equipment or vehicles. As long as the movement does not stop, locator reports GPS position every 5 minutes.

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